Lamoreux Studio

Welcome to Lamoreux Studio.

We are an urban clothing brand inspired by Techno culture, with a German influence.

Urban clothing, also known as streetwear, has been introduced in stores and in our closets quickly, due to its incredible combinations, varieties and adaptability for everyday life. However, it is involved in a whole culture, a way of thinking, a lifestyle, that marks our day to day, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from the rest. 

Here highlights the importance of Lamoreux Studio, which is not just another urban fashion brand, but brings with it experiences and nuances from Berlin, due to the great influence it has been for our designer during her stay in the German capital. It is to bring to Spain a little piece of the city, along with the Techno culture that is so well known worldwide, a way of life that is represented in the clothing. From the music to the place where you listen to it, who you do it with and who you relate to, how you feel, how you live it. That’s how we are, the different and personal touch that makes the difference.


Lamoreux Studio is a lifestyle that tangibilizes the designer from her personal and professional experience. Lamoreux has its own essence and allows you to carry a little piece of Berlin Techno in you. It is the way to externalize what you carry inside, to express your own style, to be you without complexes.

It is the boldness of the different.
It is the social diversity that gathers in the same place.
It is the same spirit that enjoys the party and freedom.
It is the freshness of the new.
It is the power of those who believe in themselves, of self-love.
Because being different is your power.

Lamoreux is a party. It is disconnection. It is freedom.
It is to enjoy the environment that surrounds you, your loved ones, and above all, you.


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